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Britannia Systems Ltd provide complete IT support for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our mission is to be the IT department for organisations that either wish not to employ full-time IT staff or prefer to focus on core business and leave the managment of IT to a trusted third party.

Typically, our work is in one of three areas:

We deliver complete support for smaller networks, ensuring continuity of operation for businesses in and around Yorkshire.

We develop specialist software. We firmly believe that the best software is designed in conjunction with the people who are going to use it and built by the people who know how. We have around 30 years commercial software development experience to call upon - so we are the people who know how! We have specific expertise in Delphi, Access and PHP and have succesfully built systems in DataEase and Java. Our software is developed using these industry-standard development tools for clients who have a real need that cannot be met by "off the shelf" software. This means that you can be sure when you use our software that it has been tested thoroughly not only in-house but crucially in the white heat of the commercial world.

Our third string, so to speak, is the design and installation of business networks - usually with Linux servers for increased reliability and reduced cost.